KBP CALABARZON Chapter Receives Prestigious Award at Asia's Golden Icon Awards 2023

KBP Calabarzon delivered 2 fund raising events 1 tree planting 4 medical missions and more

The Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas (KBP) Calabarzon chapter, under the leadership of Chairman Roy Bato, was honored with an esteemed accolade at the recently concluded Asia's Golden Icon Awards 2023. The event took place on June 2 at The Waterfront Hotel and Casino in Cebu City.

Over the course of 12 months, the KBP Calabarzon chapter has demonstrated its commitment to serving the community through various impactful initiatives. These include the successful completion of two charity projects, four medical missions, and one tree planting activity. Additionally, the chapter chairman received special invitations to two significant media events, further solidifying its influence and relevance in the broadcasting industry.

As the KBP recently celebrated its 50th anniversary, Chairman Roy Bato emphasized the vital role of broadcasters in actively participating in social activities. He highlighted that serving the community is one of the main duties of the KBP, and the chapter's endeavors exemplify this core principle.

Noteworthy among their achievements, the KBP Calabarzon chapter has planted over 500 trees in San Juan, Batangas, contributing to environmental preservation. Furthermore, their recent FunRun activity in San Pablo City, Laguna, brought benefits to more than 300 local athletes.

The chapter's commitment to healthcare is evident through the organization of four medical missions, which have provided assistance to over 3,000 individuals, including children and the elderly in need.

Expressing gratitude, KBP Chairman Roy Bato extended his appreciation to the organizers of Asia's Golden Icon Awards 2023 for recognizing the collective efforts made by the KBP Calabarzon chapter. He also emphasized that the chapter remains steadfast in its dedication to serving the community and aims to further uplift the broadcasting industry in the Philippines.

Looking ahead, the KBP Calabarzon chapter has planned a series of upcoming medical missions and activities aimed at supporting the community and continuing to promote excellence in the broadcasting industry.